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Possible online services disruption due to Internet related outage

A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create an ILogin Account

What if I don't have an email address?

There are several email providers who offer free email accounts. These are commercial providers who are not affiliated with the State of Illinois, and email messages are not stored in State of Illinois systems.

     • Gmail:

     • Yahoo Mail:

     • Microsoft Live Hotmail:

What if I don't have a mobile phone?

If you're a new user: When the Set up security methods screen appears, select the Phone option, then select Voice Call and enter your landline phone number. For short steps, set up an ILogin account as shown in How To Guides: New Users.

If you're an existing user: Sign in to your ILogin account. Follow the short steps in How to Guides: Add or Remove Multifactor Verification Options In the Change Your ILogin Profile section, select the Phone option's Set up button, select Voice Call and enter your landline phone number.

What address should I use to register my ILogin account?

Should I use my residential address or my work address? Use your residential address. This helps identity verification (IV) more successfully identify you for the ID verification process. While you can use a work address, it reduces the chances of successfully completing the ID verification process.

For more information, go to About: Third Layer: Identity Verification Services.

What if I didn't receive the activation email?

During ILogin account creation, after entering your email address, ILogin sends you activation email to verify it's a valid email address. If you didn't receive it:

     • Look for an email from State of Illinois or

     • Confirm that you entered in the exact email address in the setup process.

     • Check your Spam or Trash folders for the email.

If you still cannot find the activation email, please contact us.

How do I set up password recovery?

If you're a new user:  You must set up at least one of the password recovery methods—either Email, Phone - SMS (text) or Phone - Voice Call. For instructions, go to How To Guides: Set Up Security Methods.

If you're an existing user: Sign in to your ILogin account. Follow the instructions in How to Guides: Change Your ILogin Profile.

Account and Data Security

What devices do I need for an ILogin account?

Setting up and using an ILogin account, responding to multifactor authentication (MFA), and completing ID verification (when requested) requires the devices and/or applications (also known as apps) shown in the table below.

MFA Option Requirements*  
Okta Verify
  • a web browser (either on a computer or a mobile phone)
  • a mobile phone with a camera and ability to download an app
Google Authenticator
  • a web browser (either on a computer or a mobile phone)
  • a mobile phone with a camera and ability to download an app
SMS (Text) Authentication
  • a web browser (either on a computer or a mobile phone)
  • a mobile phone that receives text messages
Voice Call Authentication
  • a web browser (either on a computer or mobile phone)
  • a land line phone or mobile phone to receive phone calls
ID Verification
  • a web browser (either on a computer or a mobile phone)

 Some, but not all, agency applications are adaptable to mobile phone use.

What multifactor authentication methods should I use?

For a definition of multifactor authentication (MFA) and how it works to keep data secure, go to About ILogin Security on the About page. This page also explains how the MFA methods work.

Be sure to look at the options and required devices in the previous section, What devices do I need to create an ILogin account?

How do I change my multifactor authentication options?

After setting up your ILogin account, you can change your account information and MFA options on the ILogin dashboard.

     1. Sign in to ILogin and complete the existing authentication method.

     2. In the top right of the ILogin dashboard, click your name or the down arrow. A menu appears.

     3. Click Settings. Your Account page appears with several sections of options.

For short steps, visit the How to Guides: Change Your ILogin Profile.

ID Verification

How does ID Verification work?

ID Verification (IDV) is a third-party service that verifies your identity. The process consists of questions and answers based on your life history and transaction information aggregated from public and proprietary data sources. This security method meets the MFA definition of knowledge as previously described.

Some (but not all) state applications require this extra security step to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) in the application. If the application you use requires it, the Identity Proofing page appears after you select the application in your ILogin dashboard. For short steps, go to How To Guides: Respond to ID Verification.

Will ID verification affect my credit?

No. This type of inquiry doesn't affect your credit score, credit report, or credit history, and doesn't incur any charges. In credit bureau language, ID Verification is considered a "soft inquiry" that is visible only to you, the consumer, and no one else.

Why does ID Verification ask for my social security number?

Your social security number may be required to pass ID Verification. Providing your social security number (SSN) increases the ability to confirm your identity.

Does a limited credit history affect ID Verification?

IDV is about more than credit history. The core credentials you provide are used to check against a variety of ID data sources. These data sources include both credit and non-credit sources.

Does a credit freeze placed on my credit bureaus affect ID Verification?

No. Residents do NOT need to remove a consumer freeze from their credit bureaus to complete the ID verification process.

Does a fraud alert placed on my credit bureaus affect ID Verification?

Yes. Residents with a fraud alert cannot complete the ID verification process.

Why is ID Verification unable to verify me after answering the questions correctly?

IDV uses your ILogin profile information, your social security number, and the answers to the IDV questions to verify your identity. Next, IDV sends the State of Illinois a confidence score. If you received an "unable to verify" message, it may be that IDV couldn't identify you with the required confidence score or there is a condition on your credit report that prevents it from verifying you.

Why did I see a message on the ID Verification SSN page that it cannot verify my identity?

IDV uses your social security number (if you provided it) and your profile data to identify you. If you received this message, it couldn't identify you.

What happens if I incorrectly answer the questions during ID Verification?

When IDV fails, the last page in the IDV sequence presents next steps you can take.

Daily Sign In and Responses to MFA

What if I forgot my user name?

In ILogin, your user name is the email address you used during account creation.

What if I forgot my password?

During the ILogin process, enter your Email or Username and click Next. Then click the "Forgot password?" link to initiate the password reset. Select a security option to verify your identity and it will then prompt you for your new password. Re-enter your new password and click Reset Password. Once it has accepted your new password it will then allow you to login.

For short steps, go to How To Guides: Forgot Your Password.

What if my account is locked?

If your account has been locked, it will automatically unlock after 60 minutes. To unlock your account before 60 minutes, during the ILogin process, click on the "Unlock account?" link to initiate the account unlock. You will be asked to enter in your email address or username and select a security option to verify your identity. Once you have unlocked your account, you may then need to initiate the Forgot Your Password process.

For short steps, go to How To Guides: Unlock Your Account.

What if I don't have my phone to verify my identity?

Use the Phone - Voice Call option. Enter a different phone number to call you and receive the verification code.

Update Your ILogin Account

How do I change my phone number for multifactor authentication?

For short steps, go to How to Guides: Change Your ILogin Profile.

Troubleshooting ILogin

I received a message that says, "Unable to log in." What do I do?

Confirm that you entered your user name (email address) and password correctly.

Try resetting your password. 

It may be a connectivity issue to the ILogin site. Try these things:

  • Refresh the ILogin page.
  • Close your web browser session and restart it.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • If you're on a computer, restart it.
  • Check your wifi, modem, and/or router.

What if my account is hacked?

If you believe your account was illegally accessed, please contact us immediately so we can help.

What if I don't see an agency application that should be there?

If you experience problems logging into an agency application:

If you still have problems with creating an ILogin account or signing in, complete the Report A Problem form and submit it.

Where can I go to ask questions?

ILogin offers a chatbot that appears in the lower right corner. In the Ask a question field, enter your question. For details, download the Using the Chatbot PDF.