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One Login for everything Illinois

ILogin allows users to securely access state services with a single login.

Already have an ILogin account?

If you are using IDES Unemployment, IDPH Vax Verify, HFS IMPACT, or IDOI Help Center programs, you can now log in to ILogin with your registered email and password. Please take a moment to set up your Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) methods.

Simplified User Experience

ILogin users can now experience a seamless access to all Illinois state services and agency website with one logon

Secure your account with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

ILogin provides an additional layer of security to user account. Users can setup MFA using various MFA Authenticator methods (OKTA Verification, Google Authenticator or Phone)

Identity Verification

ILogin enables Identity verification for state agencies to accurately verify user identity and help prevent fraud

State of Illinois Agencies

Offer your customers a more secure and improved user experience with ILogin.